Information on What Is Indigestion

What Is Indigestion

What Is Indigestion

What is indigestion? What causes it? What can solve it? The following will be answered in here.


What is indigestion? Indigestion is a common medical condition where in the pain in the stomach is experienced. Sometimes it is also companied with other symptoms like belching, nausea, gas pain, etc. Indigestion can also be called dyspepsia. It can be caused by a variety of reasons. Here are some of them.


What is indigestion caused by? One common cause is the food that is being eaten. Spicy food or eating too fast can cause it. Other food causes are foods that are high in fat. To find out which food causes your indigestion try to make a note of the food you are eating. Observe the different food you are eating and what effects they have on your stomach. When you get to figure that out try to avoid those food.


There are also certain diseases that cause indigestion. These could be stomach cancer, ulcer, gallbladder problem, thyroid disease, GERD and more.


Stress is another factor that can affect the body and to have indigestion. Stress can do that because the body becomes more focused on the stress at hand instead of the digestion of food. The brains works in such a way that it sends more energy and “cell troops” to the part or system of the body that needs more help. So if your indigestion is caused by stress then the solution will be to figure what causes the stress and try to solve that which causes you the stress. Then hand in hand with that your indigestion will also be cured.


So what is indigestion again? It is a medical condition where there is pain in the stomach. It is caused by several factors. It can also be treated differently according to what is applicable.


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